We also battle against COVID-19






At FENIX Stage we are following the latest news on the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide, to prevent and take care of the health of our employees, partners, suppliers and customers.


Our goal is two-sided: On the one hand, we want to guarantee the safety of everyone, on the other hand, we want to continue to ensure the provision of services to our customers worldwide.


Our production remains 100% operational, so we continue to maintain the deadlines in the placed orders and work normally both in the manufactory and in our office.


In addition, we are taking the necessary measures to minimize the impact of the situation at different levels:


  • Promotion of good practices recommended by official organizations among the staff: frequent hand washing, respiratory hygiene measures, use of additional protective material, etc. We always recommend the use of official and accredited channels such as the WHO to find out about COVID-19.
  • Updated information on internal management protocols in case of risk situations.
  • Extra hygiene protocols in our production plant.
  • Limitation of external visits to our factory.
  • Limitation of work trips, instead we use online tools for remote videoconferences and meetings.
  • Coordination with suppliers, customers and partners worldwide to guarantee our operations and service maintenance.


If you have any further questions of comments, don’t hesitate to contact us!