Flying high at the Allen Air Show: FENIX and Macaio, a powerful alliance in Argentina






FENIX shined at the Allen Air Show with our impressive roofing solution! And on this occasion, we had the invaluable support of our exclusive distributor in Argentina, Macaio, who made our roofing come to life in this epic event.

The Allen Air Show became the perfect stage to dazzle attendees with aerial acrobatics, captivating flights, and an atmosphere filled with excitement. But to achieve an event of such magnitude, it was essential to have a reliable and high-quality structure. That's where FENIX and Macaio, our exclusive distributor in Argentina, worked hand in hand to deliver the best.

Our roofing, made with SQ-40 truss on four TRC-700 ground support towers, proved to be the perfect choice for this spectacle. With sizes available in 8x6m, 10x8m, and 12x10m, our structure provided a solid and secure platform capable of meeting the demands of the event and creating a stage that captured everyone's attention upon arrival, generating a sense of anticipation for the show to come.

The combination of FENIX's sturdy structure and Macaio's expertise in distributing equipment for the entertainment industry allowed us to reach new heights at the Allen Air Show. Working closely together, we achieved a flawless event and an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

From thrilling aerobatic displays to impressive baptism flights, the Allen Air Show left an indelible mark in the hearts of the audience. Our structure provided the perfect setting for pilots to showcase their skills and perform breathtaking maneuvers in the air. Additionally, the versatile design of our structure allowed for easy installation and adaptation to the specific needs of the event.

"At FENIX, we take pride in being part of special events like the Allen Air Show and having MACAIO as our exclusive distributor in Argentina to make it happen. We hope that this great partnership will continue to grow and lead us to undertake increasingly ambitious and challenging projects," said Alex Bryan, Sales Director of FENIX Stage.

The success of the Allen Air Show is rewarding and the result of our dedication to excellence and our passion for providing innovative solutions in the professional event industry. We will continue to work in collaboration with Macaio to bring extraordinary events to all of Argentina.

Regarding the roofing for the event:

FENIX's structure: the flat roofing is a true masterpiece of design and functionality. Manufactured with SQ-40 truss and supported by the robust TRC-700 ground support towers, the roofing offers a perfect combination of strength and elegance.

Let's review the main features of this structure, with the excitement of an air show:

  • Visual Impact: From the moment attendees entered the venue, FENIX's imposing structure stood as a symbol of grandeur and professionalism. With its impressive dimensions and meticulous design, it captured everyone's attention and generated a sense of anticipation for the show to come.
  • Versatility in Action: The roofing proved to be extremely versatile, adapting to our specific needs. With size options ranging from 8x6m to 12x10m. Additionally, the customization option with TR4 and TR3 towers, as well as PA Wings extensions, provides even more flexibility to create a unique and memorable stage.
  • Safety as a Priority: One of the most important aspects when choosing a roofing structure is safety. With FENIX and Macaio, the peace of mind of working with certified products ensures high standards of quality and safety in every component of the structure.

If you are looking for a roofing solution that impresses your audience and provides reliable support for your events, we recommend considering the wide range of FENIX solutions.

Remember, the right structure makes the difference between an ordinary event and an extraordinary one.