See you next year Prolight+Sound Frankfurt!






Yet another year, the most important entertainment and technology’s industry fair, turns out to be a success thanks to the thousands of visitors who have come to know everything that the thousands of exhibitors had to show them. The latest innovations resulting from a year of work and many more years in experience were the stars of this 20th edition.

FENIX Stage took this great opportunity to introduce many new proposals to make your event a great success.

Firstly, the frontal loading tower AT-04, completely renovated, more compact and lighter, but with the same high load capacity and its ability of lifting from the ground, as the rest of the towers of the AT Series and the HERCULES Series Do.

On the other hand, the strongest lifting tower we have made so far, the HERCULES 6.5+, capable of lifting 500kg up to six metres high, has indeed surprised our visitors.

But without a doubt, the new Ground Support TRC Series is what has caused the most excitement and interest to our visitors. Over 300 of them came to see the demonstration of its new assembly. Its design allows the tower to be installed by a single person, being extremely easy to use thanks to the incorporation of a robust double crank winch. This makes it very easy to assemble making the process much safer, something FENIX Stage searches when manufacturing all its products.

Ground Support tower

The new TRC Series has reinforced truss SQRE-29 with a ladder that also makes its installation easier, and a reinforced carriage adaptable for trusses of the ST-29, SQ-29, SQ-40 and ST-40 Series, which offers great versatility for any event.

This series consists nowadays of a single tower, the TRC 700, with a maximum height of 7m and capable of supporting a maximum load of 600kg; However, FENIX Stage is working to broaden its range in a near future and offer towers that rise higher.

Our objective after the fair is to continue innovating and investing in the best, both in materials and professionals to keep constantly surprising our customers with the latest products, thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm with which FENIX Stage’s staff work. Therefore, we are already focusing on our next edition of Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2016, which will have six rooms, two outdoor stages, a new sports hall and a new outdoor area even bigger, making this meeting point a trully vital experience.