New poject with truss for Velice nightclub!






FENIX Stage, trusses, towers, platforms and accessories’ manufacturer, works with all kinds of projects related to the entertainment sector and carrying out events, always advising our clients in the development of their ideas. Some months ago, Velice nightclub, counted on our trusses to renovated and redecorate its roof and the whole DJ area.


Aluminum trusses are one of the most versatile modular structures in the world allowing a great flexibility in the assembly of stages, photocalls, advertising banners, trade show booths, corporate, sports and aquatic events, and all kinds of custom projects. Its triangulated geometry gives it great resistance allowing it to withstand large loads in its structure, much larger than its own weight, so this structure is widely used to hang heavy elements that need to be elevated, such as sound equipment and lighting systems.

Opened in late 2016, VELICE nightclub – part of the renowned Vela Beach Group – is located in the popular in the city of Torrevieja, Alicante (Spain).

It has a 2,200 people capacity and three different stages, one of which is an outdoor terrace measuring 1,000 sq metres. The venue has 30,000W of sound, four LED screens, moving heads and effects. Of course, all of this equipment needs a home, and this is where FENIX Stage came in, with VELICE inviting the trussing company to renovate and redecorate its trussing roof and the whole Dj area.




Stage with truss for Velice nightclub. Torrevieja, Alicante (Spain)


ln the first phase of the project, a rectangular, black square truss grid was manufactured using FENIX SQ-29. This is suspended from the ceiling of the main using PO-500 hoists that support a maximum load of 500kg, and adjustable AC-603 clamps that withstand a ton.

In the second phase, recently completed, a two-floor stage in the form of a half octagon was designed and manufactured. The lower part - a DJ cabin - comprises a table with four square SQ-29 truss legs in black, and a square base BQ-29 table top. To secure the surface of the table made of opaque glass, the truss clamps were attached with AC-646 for 50mm tube with a special anchorage to hold the glass tightly.

On the second floor a mixing table has been installed, for which four more SQ-29 truss pillars are used to hold a platform made with more SQ-29 trusses and a black grating surface and anti-slip methacrylate.

The grating is a very stable, lightweight and resistant electro-welded grid that allows light to pass through, so this platform is perfect as a stage for the visual shows that accompany DJ sessions. A spiral staircase made of steel gives access to the top floor from the DJ booth.

All the trusses used in the project have an EN AW-6082 T6 alloy, 50 x 2mm main tubes, 20 x 2mm interior braces and a conical connection system. Being manufactured in this alloy characterized by its great resistance and reduced weight, together with the conical connection system that allows a quick installation, we have a lightweight, strong, easy to assemble and very versatile. Also, its standard tube measure makes the SQ-29 truss compatible with most rigging accessories and clamp existing on the international market.

On 2 December, the disco opened its doors with its new stage fully installed and ready to fulfill all expectations. Another work that adds up to the long list of FENIX Stage’s successes. To see more FENIX Stage projects, visit