NEW FENIX stage platforms!






FENIX Stage has designed and manufactured a new stage platforms taking care of every single detail to provide the maximum safety, resistance and stability in the smallest events as well as in the biggest events.


The new FENIX stage platforms are weatherproof and water-repellent, so they can be used indoor and outdoor. Their new system, easy and quick to assemble, allows to configure the most varied stages, grand stands, walkways and all types of projects in any space offering always the maximum security and stability. Furthermore, the new FENIX stage platforms are designed to withstand a greater weight, 750kg/m2 evenly distributed.

On one side, the frame and the panel can be of 1 x 1m with a weight of 26kg or of 2 x 1m with a weight of 44.50kg. Both panels are made of 21mm phenolic plywood, with non-slip engraving and sealed edges to ensure extra safety. The frame has a height of 90mm and it is made of aluminium, alloy 6005-T6.

Tarimas para escenarios

FENIX stage platforms


The aluminium profile has an internal rail for M12 screws that allows placing reinforcement straps, handrails, stairs, etc. In addition, it has another threaded rail in the bottom where skirts, advertising banners and others can be installed with M6 screws. This profile leaves the outer parts of the platform smooth, without rails, with a small grooved that avoids slipping between platforms when joined to each other.

To join two frames, FENIX stage platforms include two connectors (reference SU-MTF). This system allows the frames to be secure without any risk of opening.

Sistema de unión para tarimas

SU-MTF frame to frame connector between FENIX platforms for stages


On the other side, the legs can be fix or telescopic and are made of aluminium alloy 6082-T6. Fix legs (reference PFF) are squared 53.2 x 3.1mm. They are not adjustable but are available in different heights: 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, 160cm, 180cm and 200cm. Telescopic legs (reference PTF) are also squared, 60 x 3mm outer leg, 53.2 x 3.1mm inner leg. Adjustable by millimeter with a safety pin and a reinforced polyamide stabilizer. Available heights: from 25 to 30cm (reference PTF-2530), from 30 to 40cm (reference PTF-3040), from 40 to 60cm (reference PTF-4060), from 50 to 80cm (reference PTF-5080), from 60 to 100cm (reference PTF-60100), from 70 to 120cm (reference PTF-70120), from 80 to 140cm (reference PTF-80140), from 95 to 160cm (reference PTF-95160), from 110 to 180cm (reference PTF-110180) and from 120 to 200cm (reference PTF-120200).This legs include CE-PF adjustable polyamide stabilizers, optional for fix legs.

To provide a complete stability and security when we join two stage platforms, we can use the new leg to leg connector (reference SU-PF). This system is especially useful when we use long legs or when we want to join stage platforms with different heights, because in this last case we cannot use the frame to frame connector.


Tarimas para escenarios

1. Fix legs / 2. Telescopic legs / 3. SU-PF leg to leg connector


In order to be able to join the frame and the panel to the legs, the stage platform has a reinforced corner secured with two M12 screws, for round or square legs. Simply place the legs in the compartment and tighten them through the star-shaped knob.

Generally, platforms are used to assemble stages, but they also can be used as tiered platforms or grand stands.

Furthermore, we have more compatible accessories with our platforms such as stairs, handrails, reinforcement straps, etc. Ask us!