Is so easy to lift a truss structure with FENIX telescopic towers!






We are going to show you how to lift a truss structure using the telescopic towers MEGARA 100 and ELV-100/31, easy handing and lightweight. This towers can support until 100kg load.


Important information: For making this video we are including two different models of towers, however, FENIX Stage highly recommends to use the same model to raise the truss structure.


MEGARA Series is comprised for six towers (MEGARA 100, MEGARA 125, MEGARA 150, MEGARA 200, MEGARA 230 y MEGARA 300), these references changed according to the load they can support (to 100kg until 300kg), and also the height is a differentiating factor between them. Made of steel, they have removable legs to do every movement easier. MEGARA Series are perfect for rising sound systems, lighting and truss.

MEGARA 100 particularly have 4m maximum height and 33kg weight. Its small base helps its transportation. Leg base safety locks enable fixing the legs to the base easily.

ELV Series consist of the following models: ELV-100/31, ELV-150/5, ELV-200/6, ELV-230/5 and ELV-300/6. In the same way that MEGARA Series, they can support from 100 to 300kg respectively, and they are made of steel.

ELV-100/31 lifting tower is the lightest of all FENIX towers, furthermore includes an extension bar of 0,60m, which increases the height of the tower to 3,80m. The new adaptor allows transportation of the extension bar and tower easily. Ideal for indoor events, the adjustable leg system allows you to install the tower almost anywhere. 


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Truss lifting with AC-508 accessory:

You can find below the steps to use the towers to lift the truss structure correctly: 

Legs extension, assembly and leveling


  • ELV-100/31: Screw the hand knob off and pull the safety pin to extend the legs until the height we need. 
  • MEGARA 100: Remove the legs from their transport supports and insert them into their working positions, checking that they are fixed by the safety base-leg pins (use the pulsation system).


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Securing the truss with AC-508

The adjustable stand for truss up to 40cm is compatible with both telescopic lifting tower models, MEGARA and ELV series, because of that we use the same accessory for them.

  • Insert the AC-508 accessories, then turn the winch's crank to raise the bar to the desired position and check both towers are on the same level.
  • Then, we remove the pins from AC-508 and place the truss on top, putting the pins back into the hole.


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Truss lifting

  • Once the truss is in place, remove and turn the safety pin of the last bar to the lifting position.
  • Turn both cranks of the winches to raise the bar to the desired position, and then we place the safety pin again to the locking position, to keep the towers save.





An image is worth a thousand words! That’s why here you find the video you need for remove your doubts about the post. Therefore, if you want to know more, just contact us and we are kindly accepted your questions and concerns!