FENIX Stage gave seminars with its distributors in Ecuador






From the 27th until the 29th of May, Mr. Alex Bryan, Export Manager from FENIX Stage, was giving seminars to the clients of our distributors in Ecuador: Casa Musical Nuñez, Import Music and Megga Music. Alex Bryan was showing FENIX products together with other managers of important brands in the market, Oscar Mora from RCF and Mauricio Diaz from Sennheiser.


AT Series frontal loading lifting towers were the lead lifting towers at the three seminars, with the TRC-700B ground support tower at the seminar in Quito to show its operating and how the FSH Systems provides security to the tower during its elevation, descent and use, blocking it if the cable fails. Lifting towers were raising line array sound equipments and the led screen that projected the presentations of the seminars with a truss also from FENIX brand.

More than 1,000 attendees in total participated in the seminars and took promotional memories of the three companies. In addition, in each seminar raffled 1 active box RCF Art 315A, 1 microphone Sennheiser E 885 and 2 FENIX slings to hang weight of 1,200kg.



Monday the 27th, the three companies were in Guayaquil at Parque Samanes together with Megga Music. Megga Music is a distributor for audio, musical instruments and stage lights in Ecuador. Megga Music invited FENIX Stage, RCF and Sennheiser to give a seminar about the products they manufacture. Alex Bryan demonstrated FENIX Stage´s AT series and gave information about all FENIX products. The AT Series includes AT-04, AT-04B, AT-05, AT-05B, AT-06 and AT-06B. The AT Series is perfect for lifting line array systems, it can also raise trussing and LED screens. AT-04 is a frontal loading tower which can reach up to 5m, it weighs 93kg and can lift up to 200kg. AT-05 is a frontal loading tower which can reach up to 5,4m, it weighs 96kg and can lift up to 250kg. AT-06 is a frontal loading tower which can reach up to 6,5m, it weighs 107kg and can lift up to 250kg.


Seminario FENIX Stage - Megga Music, Guayaquil (Ecuador)

Megga Music seminar with FENIX Stage's lifting towers '19 @ Guayaquil (Ecuador)



On Tuesday the 28th of May, the three companies traveled to Ambato, where Casa Musical Nuñez organized a seminar from FENIX Stage, RCF and Sennheiser for their clients. Casa Musical Nuñez is a distributor of audio, lighting, musical instruments, DJ equipment and more in Ecuador. The location of the seminar was at the Explanada Gad Municipal in Ambato (Ecuador). 


Seminario FENIX Stage - Casa Musical Nuñez, Ambato (Ecuador)

Casa Musical Nuñez seminar with FENIX Stage's lifting towers '19 @ Ambato (Ecuador)



On Monday the 29th FENIX Stage, RCF and Sennheiser went to Quito for their final seminars. This last seminar was organized by Import Music. Import Music sells music instruments, audio, video and lighting equipment in Ecuador. 300 people came to see these seminars at the square north of metropolitan convention center. Alex Bryan demonstrated FENIX Stage´s AT series and TRC-700B lifting tower, the TRC-700B is a ground support tower which can reach to 7m high, weighs 193kg and can lift up to 600kg. It is designed to be easily installed by one person.


Seminario FENIX Stage - Import Music, Quito (Ecuador)

Import Music seminar with FENIX Stage's lifting towers '19 @ Quito (Ecuador)


From FENIX Stage, we thank all the attendees for their participation in these seminars and our distributors for the excellent reception they have given us. See you soon!

We will soon give more seminars in other countries. Will it be yours? Ask your nearest distributor!