Design your wedding with lifting towers and trusses






Good weather is coming and so it’s time to celebrate. With the day lengthening, we can enjoy the summer nights. We intend to give you ideas to inspire you when organising any event you have in mind. Photocalls for weddings, support for printing, stage design or simply as decoration for events are just some of the ideas that FENIX’s trusses and lifting towers offer you.

Ground Support tower

Spring arrives and so does the time of weddings, communions, baptisms, enjoying the open air and the incredible light of the most colourful sunsets.

Our trusses and lifting towers endow the surroundings of a renovated, clean and minimalist yet extremely functional space. Available in any colour, different weights and measures, our trusses offer endless options in providing any place with unique personality, with the freedom that provides you being able to install them either outside or inside.


Nowadays events are becoming more and more custom, showing the host’s tastes, where the use of technology is inevitable at any time. The decorations are noticed because of the presence of colour and light that make up the atmosphere of the event. Fresh details and new ideas makes the occasion unique, making it stand out so it will be remembered for it.

For those who want a successful wedding, event, dinner, etc. they shouldn’t leave behind an important part: the background music. Except for the dance area music, during the entire event it should be background music, which has to accompany and help create a pleasant atmosphere.

Experts in these occasions confirm the importance of lighting and ideal sound for each type of space, in which each decoration element has a specific light and each sector is defined with a different music. With these sound and dim light games in certain areas, and other stronger ones, as spotlights, is how each of the decoration elements gain importance.

Ground Support tower

FENIX’s trusses and lifting towers will help you design these spaces. For example, enliven the cocktail with a photocall with a structure of FENIX’s squared trusses or triangular trusses, inside whose vertex a canvas can be hooked in a simple and safe way. AQ-80 bases provide greater stability for larger photocalls.

For the dance floor, stages can be easily assembled with our new ground support tower TRC-700 and AC-613 hinges for gable roofs with squared or parallel trusses.

These structures will divide by sectors each space, in which the structures are complemented by different types of luminaries for a fun optimum climate. The light in this sector varies according to the type of music, and special lights for a show, choreography or special moments may be chosen.